Bruce makes the trek to Bethlehem

After worshipping with 200+ folks that were from all around the world, we headed to Bethlehem. It is in an area that we actually have to show passports to get in and out of. On the site of the cave where Christ Himself was born stands a church, Church of the Nativity. After touring through the church, we were finally able to get down under the church to the cave and manger. It’s pretty decorated and it clearly wasn’t this way when Christ was born.  We couldn’t spend much time there because it is just a constant flow of people in and out of the cave on tours like what we were on. But it was awe inspiring nonetheless. Later we went to the Shepherd Fields and were able to sit inside a similar cave and hear the explanation of the upper room and the animal storage and how Mary gave birth where the animals were kept in the cave.

[ht: FBC Raytown]

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