Bruce makes a stop in Nazareth

This visit to the Nazareth Village was very informative and cool and neat and all those things that you would expect. But people kept saying how scripture would make more sense and come to life when you go to the Holy Land and see it with your own eyes. Today, that came to life. They would do the farming on hillsides. Since a sideways hill was not the best way to grow a crop, they created terraces on the hillside so that there were flat strips all down the hillside to grow the crops on. As a result, the terraces and homes and shops and everything were in a “donkey path” (zigzag across the hillside).  As you sit and look at the path winding around the hill and the terrace walls and the large bedrock stones they made the winepress and the cisterns out of, and the fertile soil in the terraces, it made this scripture come to life in a whole new way.

[ht: FBC Ratyown]

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