Bruce takes in Lebanaon, Syria and the Sea of Galilee

Today was another learning day as we visited biblical sites as well as sites that were crucial in Israeli history. We were on the Lebanon border. It was fascinating hearing the stories of the Yom Kippur battle in 1973 when Israeli tanks were heavily outnumbered by more advanced Syrian tanks, and yet Israel held its ground. We also were able to visit the streams that are the source of the River Jordan. This was the water that Christ talked about and its purity. You can see from the pictures that many of us chose to drink straight from the river. I even filled my water bottle and drank from the river’s water all day. It is said that it’s the cleanest natural water anywhere on the planet. We drove the entire 32 miles around the Sea of Galilea today and saw many sites that were breathtaking.

[ht: FBC Raytown]

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