Bruce takes a trip to the Holy Land

Bruce arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel with a group from First Baptist Raytown on  two-week trip through Israel. A little bit of touristy stuff; a little bit of ministry work with ministry partners.

There is a ministry located in the heart of downtown Tel Aviv just blocks from the Mediterranean Sea called Dugit. Dugit means “boat” in Hebrew and the name reflects the mission of the ministry, to be fishers of men.  They do two ministries, one is a coffee shop featuring live music and the other provides food and clothing for those in need in Tel Aviv. We delivered 6 suitcases loaded with children’s clothing that was collected by FBR and the Hope Network. It was exciting to hear about the growing congregation of worshipers (Messianic Jews) and how they are working with Arab Christians in Tel Aviv. The city of Tel Aviv is a very secular place and this ministry located in the heart of the community was an incredible opportunity to share the gospel in a lost world.

– James Harding

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